Friday 22/12/17 Administrator

Amazing Christmas gift for Kistefos-Museet

Christen Sveaas has given Kistefos-Museet 10 of the sculptures/installations, located in the sculpture park, with a value of NOK. 150 million. Until now, the works of art have been on loan from Christen ...

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Tuesday 15/08/17 Administrator

Infrastructural work at Kistefos-Museet

Kistefos-Museet is being continuously developed, and from the end of August this year until the start of the 2018 season, infrastructural work will be ongoing. The purpose of the work is to facilitate future expansion ...

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Wednesday 31/05/17 Administrator

Seminar about Louise Bourgeois

Thank you for all the great interest in this seminar! Thee registration deadline has now expired and the seminar is full, and we are unfortunately unable to enter more participants. For those of you who therefore ...

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