The Directorate for Cultural Heritage has announced the conservation of the Kistefos lot

The Directorate for Cultural Heritage proposes a conservation of a total of 16 buildings and other traces and structures after the historic company A/S Kistefos Træsliberi. Elements included in the conservation ranges in time from the start of the wood pulp mill in 1889 and until closing in 1955. The conservation process is supposed to start in January 2019.

The Parliament has ratified a list of 15 technical and industrial facilities that constitute the National Heritage Conservation Program for Technical and Industrial Cultural Heritage, and Kistefos Træsliberi is one of these 15 historical monuments. The 15 sites are considered to have national value as representatives of our national industrial history, and they played important parts in the development of modern Norway. The Directorate for Cultural Heritage considers it important that all facilities be secured for the future through the same formal protection, conservation according to the Cultural Heritage Act. Conservation in accordance with the Cultural Heritage Act will emphasize that the facilities have a national value and are of great importance to Norwegian history and development.

A conservation, in addition to securing Kistefos’ cultural heritage value, will strengthen the significance of the efforts and investments made by the owner, custodians and the Directorate for Cultural Heritage. The conservation regulations will provide guidelines for the management and maintenance of the facility, but will not prevent further or future operations at Kistefos.

For several years Kistefos has had a very good cooperation with the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, for instance through the rehabilitation of the old wood pulp mill. The old wood pulp mill is today the only preserved and intact of its kind in Scandinavia, and has been developed to become a "living factory". Kistefos is pleased with the Directorate for Cultural Heritage’s decision on conservation, which will ensure Kistefos’ unique history for the future.

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