A whole day with new adventures

Kistefos-Museet is an excellent destination for a day trip with friends, colleagues or family. We offer activities and experiences that will engage and excite all age groups.

The Industrial History
A/S Kistefos Træsliberi was established in 1889 by Consul Anders Sveaas. Today Kistefos Træsliberi's original production building is an industrial museum without an equal in Scandinavia. Here you can learn about the work that took place at the pulp mill, and also get an insight into the working conditions in the pulp mill and how the social life of the area was like. We want to give the audience a sense of stepping back in time.

Art Exhibitions
In 1896, Kistefos Træsliberi expanded with another pulp mill building called "Nybruket". Today the factory inventory of this building has been moved out. The rustic feel is preserved, but the building stands today as a modern art hall. The Art Hall, extending over two floors, offers dynamic and exciting art experiences. Every year we present new exhibitions. Some are devoted to specific artists and others is based on themes, periods or art historical direction.

Kistefos-Museet's collection of sculptures are experienced in close interaction with the beautiful and peaceful nature of the site. In our unique sculpture park, some of the most famous international and Norwegian artists are represented. The sculptures appear as surprises between the birches, on a slope, behind a brick building or in the river. The range of sculptures is wide and varied and offers all kind of different experiences. The growing sculpture park currently consists of 37 contemporary sculptures.

Café & Museum Shop
If you want to take a break from art and cultural experiences, the museum’s café and shop is always a delightful option.

Our inspiring and exciting museum shop has a variety of local designs and crafts, exhibition catalogues and gifts items at reasonable prices. Entrance tickets to the museum can be purchased here or at the Art Hall.

Our popular Café Consulen is an idyllic oasis on the museum’s grounds. Eger & Co., a restaurant in nearby Hønefoss, runs the café at Kistefos-Museet. Eger & Co. presents a genuine and unpretentious menu with a focus on quality, taste and fresh ingredients. In addition, you’ll find coffee, tea, wine and beer from quality suppliers. Meals are served both indoors and outdoors. Eger & Co. also takes pre-orders from groups.

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