The Living Factory

The Living Factory is the name of a project at the Kistefos-Museet, where old industrial machinery in the wood pulp mill has once again been set into motion – and thus creating new life in the old factory.

A pre-project, financed by the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, started in 2013. This was a so-called possibility study, which examined the prospect of having the old machines run again without too many large and invasive procedures. The report concluded that The Living Factory was a definite possibility.

Further work throughout 2013, and at the start of 2014, led to the first machinery in project Living Factory being set in motion on the 27th of June 2014, Kistefos Træsliberi’s 125th anniversary. The project was externally financed with fundings from the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, the foundation UNI, Anders Sveaas’ Allmennyttige Fond, the foundation Sat Sapienti, Sparebankstiftelsen Jevnaker Lunner Nittedal and Sparebankstiftelsen Ringerike.

Machinery set in motion by 2015 is one of the horizontal grinders, belts and belt-drive, a slab conveyor belt, the log-intake belt to the log-cutter house, the log-cutter saw and the bale elevator.

New machinery will be set in motion in 2017.

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