Kistefos AS

We are a leading, privately owned investment firm. Our interests range from wholly owned industrial enterprises in offshore and shipping, to real estate and significant interests in listed and private companies.


Kistefos Træsliberi

A/S Kistefos Træsliberi was founded in 1889 by Consul Anders Sveaas. The pulp mill produced wood pulp up until 1955. The company bought large forest estates in the early 1900s to ensure the supply of timber, the raw materiall used at the pulp mill. From the foundation in 1889 and until today, the company has been in the Sveaas family's ownership, except for the period 1983-1993. Kistefos Træsliberi is owned by a total of 45 shareholders with Christen Sveaas as majority shareholder with 85.4% of the shares.

Based on the significant financial income in the second half of the 1990s, the company has developed its business activities and have purchased and established local businesses. The company has its office in Dokka in Nordre Land municipality.


Kistefos Viltkjøtt

Kistefos Viltkjøtt AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of A/S Kistefos Træsliberi. The company was established in the autumn 2007.

The company operates reception, cutting, processing and sale of game meat. Kistefos Viltkjøtt AS is authorized by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority under wild game regulations (pursuant to the Food Act). We are proud to emphasize that the business has the highest classification for production and sale of game meat (5-edge stamp).

The company has a reception for moose on Veståsen (Nordre Land).

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