About the Art Hall

In the art hall we show continuously changing exhibitions, both major solo exhibitions and group exhibitions with artists together. The Art Hall at Kistefos-Museet shows art of both national and international character, and we collaborate with a wide range of artists, institutions and galleries. The Art Hall bases its activities on self-produced exhibitions, and has in recent years produced new exhibitions with some of today's most relevant artists. Some of the exhibitions tour to other venues outside Norway. The exhibitions in the Art Hall are seasonal and are open from May to October each year.
The Art Hall is located in what was previously called Nybruket. This building was erected in 1896, when Kistefos Træsliberi was expanded with another wood pulp factory. Nybruket was a fully equipped pulp mill. Today, the building has been emptied of equipment, and the pulp mill has been turned into an art hall. The historic character of the building is preserved, and today's art hall consists of two rooms over two floors. Each floor has its unique character, and together they make up an exciting and flexible arena for artists and curators.


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