About us

Kistefos-Museet comprises of the Industrial Museum, the Art Hall and the Sculpture Park.

The Kistefos-Museet Foundation was founded in 1996 and was made possible by gifts from Christen Sveaas and Jevnaker municipality.  Christen Sveaas is the grandchild of Anders Sveaas, the founder of  A/S Kistefos Træsliberi.

Kistefos-Museet's principal purpose is to preserve and develop what is today a technical and industrial monument of national importance. Kistefos-Museet is responsible for conserving the buildings that are the heritage of A/S Kistefos Træsliberi's industrial activity at Kistefos, as well as the traditions associated with it. 

The factory buildings at Kistefos are listed by the Director General for Cultural Heritage as a technical-industrial site worthy of preservation. Because of this, the museum receives a considerable annual subsidy from the Directorate via the Ministry of Climate and Environment.


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