Tours for groups

To be able to provide our visitors with the best possible service, it is important for us to get some basic information about the group.

Before ordering please have the following information ready:
-Name on the contact person/
leader of the group
-Telephone number to the contact person/leader of the group
-Billing Address (not applicable for cash payments)
-Date of visit
-Where do you want a tour (Art Hall, Industrial Museum, Sculpture Park)
-Timeframe for desired tour(s)
-Number of persons who will participate on the tour(s)


Guided tours
Kistefos Museum has three venues for tours:

  • Industrial Museum / Pulp Mill
  • Art Hall
  • Sculpture Park

You can select freely which tours the group want. For more information about the venues press here.

During opening hours 11am - 5pm:
Admission pr. person is NOK 100 for groups of minimum 10 persons.
Price pr. tour is NOK 1500
Each tour takes about 45 minutes

After opening hours:
Please contact booking on or phone +47 61 31 03 83 (enter option 1) for more information.

NB: Maximum capasity is 30 people pr. tour. Above this number, we will not be able to offer the desired quality on our guided tours.

The deadline for cancellation is within 1 week before agreed upon booked day. If you cancel after this, the tour price (not the admission fee) will be charged to you due to a fee for a pre-booked guide.

Attendance for all tours is at the Art Hall's ground floor.

Our Café Consulen is a small cafe, which seats 35 people indoors and 80 people outdoors. It is for all visitors of Kistefos-Museet, and thus can not be reserved. For groups wishing to reserve seating, we have an own house.

The Stone House is open for reservation to groups. It has space for 88 people indoors.

For ordering food and reservation, please contact us at least 1 week in advance of your visit.

For more information contact us at telephone +47 61 31 03 83 or e-mail:

Guided tours out of season:
We will accept bookings on tours out of season too. Please contact us at well in advance prior to the tour.

Only the Sculpture Park and the Pulp Mill is available for tours out of season. Note: some of the sculptures may at certain times not be possible to view due to the season or because of maintenance.

Cafe and museum shop is closed.


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