The permanent exhibitions

The most prominent and important of the permanent exhibitions at the pulp mill is the machinery used in wood pulp production from the start in 1890 until the closing of the factory in 1955.  The machinery abandoned in 1955 is now used to tell the story of the production process at the pulp mill.

The Pulp Mill Attic is the exhibition area at the uppermost floor of the pulp mill, which was opened for the first time in 2012 after extensive restauration. The attic functions as an arena for both permanent and temporary exhibitions. All the various exhibition zones at the Pulp Mill Attic have themes that center around the company Kistefos Træsliberi. Forestry, everyday-life at the Kistefos factory lot, the Randsfjord conflict and the history of Follum are some of the exhibits featured at the attic. A part of the exhibitions’ design is the use of digitalized and interactive mediums in some of the exhibit zones.


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