Information for schools

Tours for Schools
All school classes are heartily welcome to Kistefos-Museet.

We can offer tours of the Industrial Museum, the Art Hall and the Sculpture Park. We are happy to co-operate with schools in order to develop special arrangements for classes or groups that want to visit us.
Tours are adapted to the age of the pupils and provide the opportunity for questions and dialogue along the way. Each tour takes about 30 minutes and there is room for one class at each venue.

Price pr. guided tour is NOK 1500
Pupils under 16 years old: Free admission
Pupils above 16 years old: NOK 40

The museum has benches and tables in pleasant surroundings where the pupils can eat their packed lunches.

For more information contact us by telephone at + 47 61 31 03 83 or by. e-mail at:

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