Exhibitions 2008

Modern myths
Sverre Bjertnes/ David LaChapelle/ Tung Lu-Hung/ Ole Martin Lund Bø/ Marilyn Minter/ Marc Quinn/ Torbjørn Rødland/ Elise Storsveen.

This exhibition in the Art Hall's 2nd floor dealt with works, which in various ways problematised the popular culture 's seductive surface aesthetics. While some of the pieces looked like pure tribute to physical beauty and celebrity status, others questioned the contemporary icon worship and the forces of entertainment's manipulative rhetoric.

The artists expressed themselves through a naïve imagery with references to advertising and fashion photography. Thus, the pictures commented on the entertainment industry's aesthetics by deliberately faking it. Many of the works specifically mimicked familiar myths; everyday and popular beliefs related to gender, sexuality, race and nationality mediated through charged symbols.

Curator: Nora Ceciliedatter Nerdrum

Thore Heramb - The color composer
The summer of 2008, Kistefos-Museet showed, in collaboration with the artist Thore Heramb, a comprehensive retrospective exhibition of paintings.

Thore Heramb was born in Oslo in 1916, but also had close ties to "Blåbærbakken" at Jevnaker, close to Kistefos-Museet. We presented the artist's colorful, authentic, intellectual and musical paintings in a major retrospective exhibition.
Heramb debuted at the Autumn Exhibition in Oslo in 1938. Five years later, he held his first solo exhibition at the Artists' Association in Oslo. The paintings were then fairly naturalistically painted, but the motifs were then already presented somewhat simplified. From the latter half of the 1940s, Heramb abstracted the forms further, and gave them prominent, dark outline. Monochrome surfaces were also a characteristic of his, but the use of color was still fairly subdued with much black and gray.

Pablo Picasso, Juan Braque and cubism are associations one easily acknowledge when it comes to Heramb's art from the 1940s and 50s. As a pupil of Jean Heiberg by The State's Craft - and Art School (1935-37), he was also well aware of Henri Matisse's works and theories. In Heramb artistic development, you can easily see his propensity towards the French; tracks of Matisse's color theory and impressionism brushstrokes.

The liberation of color came quickly. In the second half of the 1950s, we see a blooming in Heramb's art. The use of color explodes, the denominations are many, and he manages something very few artists can do, to get light into the solid black color. Thore Heramb is a large and at times daring colourist.

At the basis of Heramb's art, is always a live model; nature or human. He has three main subjects - act, landscape and window views - and the finished paintings are degrees of abstractions. Heramb constantly seeks to draw out what he thinks is most essential in the subject.

Nature was important for Thore Heramb. His atelier was located right in the woods, and it seems like trees, animals, flowers and other creations enter among the painted landscapes from the inside. He portrayed nature throughout the year, and all seasons are treated identically in regards to brightness and power.

Kistefos-Museet was met with great favor by private and public owners of Thore Heramb's works. Consequently, it was a broad and good exhibition that was presented when the Art Hall's doors were opened to the public on 25th of May 2008. Pictures from the 1940s until the present, demonstrated that Thore Heramb, at the age of 91 years, was still an active and strong painter.



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