Harry Fett

Art to the people! Harry Fett's collection of paintings
Harry Fett (1875-1962) is a towering figure in Norwegian art and cultural history. Few areas remained untouched by Fett's hand through his lifelong work as an art historian, scholar, art collector and writer. Harry Fett's collection hung in his home Christinedal at Bryn - a gathering place for contemporary cultural and political elite. It had almost 200 works, primarily by Norwegian artists like Matthias Stoltenberg, Peder Balke, Erik Werenskiold, Harriet Backer, Christian Krogh, Harald Sohlberg, Edvard Munch, Ludvig Karsten, Henrik Sørensen, Reidar Aulie and Axel Revold. In the season of 2009, the audience got a unique opportunity to know Harry Fett and his collection.
The legacy of Harry Fett
In the Art Hall's 2nd floor, we followed up the theme Harry Fett  with the exhibition: "The legacy of Harry Fett: Art in the workplace anno 2009". The pictures were borrowed from Kunst på Arbeidsplassen, the association Fett started in 1950 to "bring art to the people." Artists Inghild Karlsen and Rune Johansen casts a humorous look at our surroundings and reflect on how they shape our lives.

Curator: Nora Ceciliedatter Nerdrum


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