All of Nature Flows Through Us

Life, death and rebirth, surviving traces of existence and identity. This is the topic that has occupied mankind for all time.

The exhibition in 2011 was titled All of Nature Flows Through Us. The exhibition title refers to the eternally relevant themes of immortality and our existence in a wider perspective. The artist behind the exhibition is one of England's most internationally acclaimed contemporary artists; Marc Quinn. This was the first time the artist had a solo exhibition in Scandinavia. In the exhibtion, some of Quinn's then latest works were presented.
The artist wanted through his iconography, and the choice of subject, to challenge the public's perception of the relationship between the spiritual life and the universe. Quinn had previously explored existential questions about the individual's place in a society, where the norm is about to cease to exist through a visually seductive and classical iconography. With this exhibition, he moved more into the matter and the interior, which the exhibition title also points out.


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